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Golf Range Bay Dividers

Bay Divider System


Golf Range Bay Dividers

A practical and easy way to stylishly modernise and brand your driving or practice range, EGM bay dividers have continuously evolved to suit the demands and requirements of our customers. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas and are made on-site in Suffolk.

Golf range bay dividers can be a brilliant way to keep your customers safe while giving your range a refresh.

EGM can design and manufacture a divider system, with your involvement, from concept to installation. A removable panel for advertising or signage is also included, this can be produced separately from the dividers if a simple refresh is needed.

Rear safety barriers, with advert panels if desired, are recommended to separate bays from the walkway keeping your customers safe.


  • Durable finish

  • Two standard sizes available, with loads more custom options

  • Colour choice

  • Easy to install

  • Bespoke rear safety barriers

  • Installation service available. Let us do the hard work.

Construction of our tear drop bay divider

Each golf range bay divider starts life as a length of robust thick walled steel tube, which is then processed in our works to achieve the customer’s divider shape. The steel frame then has mounting feet and any additional parts welded onto it as per the customer’s requirements. The complete framework goes through a grit blasting process before it is painted with a durable powder paint giving a pleasing finish.

The high-quality heavy-duty PVC covers are fitted and the divider is dispatched to the customer to be installed either by EGM personnel or the range/contractors.

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