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From Tread to Tee;

Transforming Truck Tyres into Golfing Gold

We give parts from used truck tyres destined for landfill a new lease of life by turning them into golfing mats. But we can’t do this alone. Follow the lifecycle of a tyre below, from its end of use through to its fresh start.

One Tread at a Time

Tyres are made of rubber, and wear down over time through use. They can be recycled by removing the worn-down rubber tread and then adding a new one. But what happens to the old tread that are removed? This becomes

a product called ‘buffings’ and is where we start this sustainability journey.

Previously destined for a landfill, these ‘buffings’ are acquired by a company that we’ve worked with for multiple years, called Wellington Rubber Company Ltd or WRC. It’s an industry leader in the processing of tyre ‘buffings’, processing them from a waste material to a product that we and other manufacturers can use for a number of purposes, conforming to the highest quality ISO9001 standard.

The ‘buffings’ pass over a large and powerful rolling magnet, which collects and removes any metals, before they are graded to size by a multideck sieve. The largest ‘buffings’ are used as mulch for gardens and public areas. The smaller parts are separated, and they can be used for things such as playground flooring and rubber tiles. This is the grade we here at EGM Golf use to make the golf mats.

Buffings to Ball Mat

A flow chart showing the process of turning tyres into Premier Mats
The Premier Mat process

  • We take this small rubber crumb and measure out the amount we need to create the Premier Mat. This is mixed with a binding agent, to make the ‘buffings’ stick together.

  • Our team applies glue to the artificial grass surface of the mat, with the layout depending on the mat design. The grass is then added to a mould which keeps the mats uniform.

  • The mixture of ‘buffings’ and the binding agent is added to the mould and spread out. This needs to be level to ensure you’re not teeing off on a wonky mat.

  • We add a batch code to the back of the mould and then close the press to ‘cook’ the mat until it is solid.

  • The mat can then be removed from the mould and cleaned. Now it’s ready to be shipped to its new home in a golf range near you.

Looking to Upgrade Your Range?

We offer Premier Mats with or without coaching lines. If you’re looking to upgrade your range without costing the earth, speak to a member of our team today on 0800 335 7177 or you can email us at


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