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Four Layer Mat


A classic favourite firmer mat with three tee holes per edge.


  • Hard wearing 100% nylon artificial grass playing surface with a quality foam base

  • Extra reinforcing layer of rubber added to the base, giving extra weight and rigidity

  • Can be used on all ground surfaces

  • Size:  Available in 1.5m square

  • Hard wearing 100% Nylon artificial grass playing surface

  • Ideal for high through put ranges

  • Solid rubber base layer added to the standard quality foam base giving greater resistance to movement and creeping

  • An all round firmer mat

  • Ideal for use on rougher unmade surfaces due to its resistance against water saturation from the ground

  • Quality mat with favourable pricing

  • Three tee holes per edge

  • Size:  Available in  1.5m square

  • Rangeball part number RBM4LAYER

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