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Premier Teaching Mat


Like our other premier mats, our premier teaching mat is manufactured in the UK. 


  • Assistance lines and centre markings to aid positioning of the body and aligning swings

  • High-quality nylon artificial grass playing surface

  • Highly durable hard wearing rubber base

  • Size:  Overall 1.6m square, with a 1.46m square playing surface

  • Manufactured exclusively by craftsmen in the UK

  • The high-quality nylon grass surface is hot press bonded into an extremely durable rubber crumb base

  • The base sits securely minimising unwanted movement during use

  • Is suitable to be used on various surfaces including grass, dirt and concrete

  • Each edge has 3  holes for rubber tees to facilitate Right and left-handed players. This also allows the mats to be rotated to even out wear.

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