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Extended Cabinets


Extended Cabinets Capacities of up to 60,000 balls

For larger and busier driving ranges, EGM can produce ball dispensers with extra capacity in a number of specifications.

With capacities of up to 60,000 balls and the ability to add multiple vending points, these dispensers can cater to even the busiest of ranges.


  • Capacities of up to 60,000 balls

  • Added vending points can be built in for busier periods

  • Available in a range of feature levels from basic tip tray to premium single ball count delivery

  • Extended N series machines can be computer linked

  • Machines can be made with ball basket storage built in

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All spare parts for our dispensers are available from stock
If you require spare parts, please use the contact form and specify your establishment name and the machine's serial number from the manufacturer plate.


2 years on manufactured goods, subject to terms and conditions. Please see our full warranty conditions.

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