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E800 golf ball washer


Our E800 ball washer is ideal for smaller practice grounds that need a long term, reliable solution for providing clean balls to their golfers.

We also considered the environment. The E800 employs a water tank that is able to re-use the water several times, eliminating the need for constant clean water supplies. Energy consumption is kept to a minimum through the use of efficient motors and a reduction gearbox.

It is available in a manual wash/empty specification, meaning that the user can empty the machine any point in the wash cycle, depending on how soiled the current wash load is.


  • Washes up to 800 balls per cycle with a gentle, yet powerful action.

  • Durable, long-lasting galvanized steel construction.

  • Available with our labour-saving automatic wash and empty system.

  • High quality emptying tap uses standard 2″ pipe fittings for easy routing to a drain point.

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.

  • EGM Warranty as standard.

  • Astroturf-lined washing drum for gentle action and longevity

Technical specification
  • Capacity per wash cycle: 800 balls.

  • Water capacity: 180 litres approx.

  • Automatically-tensioned chain driven drum.

  • Single-phase 230v motor with overload protection.

  • Dimensions available on request.

Tecnichal specification

Automatic wash & empty (Optional)

  • Simply load the machine and walk away.

  • Balls will be emptied into your hopper automatically.

  • Save labour times and spend more time collecting balls.

  • Precisely timed wash and empty cycles can be set with timers.

  • Wash large quantities of balls – ideal for large hoppers and busy schedules.

  • System is manufactured from quality components and is very simple to install.

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