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Ball Dispensers


Traditional cabinet-based machines. Our non-networked stand-alone dispensers were introduced over 25 years ago as a reliable machine for the driving range.

They are available in a range of different options, and even available as battery powered units. All panels are coated to protect against rust and provide a durable finish.


Each of our non-networked stand-alone ball dispensers has its benefits with a variety of capacities and sizes. If you're unsure of which version would best suit your space, give a member of our team a call today.


Club series


Extended cabinets


Our range of dispensers offers many payment methods to suit you and your customers. Which ones fit your needs?

The information below is designed to help you make a decision when choosing to purchase a new ball dispenser. It’s an important consideration to make, with each system giving benefits of its own.

These payment options can also be available on the networked dispensers. Please call EGM to discuss your requirements.

Payment Methods

Electronic acceptor

Electronic cash or token acceptor

EGM RFID member system

Contactless Card


Electronic cash/token acceptor

An electronic acceptor is the most modern and reliable way of accepting coins. The unit fits to a ball dispenser door and can detect fraudulent or wrong coinage. A reject button for stuck coins is provided and the unit is easily detachable for cleaning or replacement.

  • Can be programmed to accept most coins and currencies.

  • Reliable operation with very few moving parts

  • Use tokens and cash together and program your own tokens.

  • Highly accurate coin detection for improved security.



This system is a bolt-on component that offers a simple way to accept credit and debit cards.

The unit is able to accept payment from mobile phones, smart watches and other contactless devices and cards, with the added benefit of comprehensive online reporting

  • Offer up to four sizes of basket at different costs in the appropriate currency

  • Works either by wired internet connection or GSM telephone signal

  • Totally managed system with monthly service and transaction fee

  • Hassle-free online reports are viewable anywhere with an internet connection

  • Convenient for customers to buy balls, without storing any cash

  • Ideal for unmanned ranges and when the pro shop is closed


EGM RFID member system

For golf clubs that need a simple membership system, the RFID system is a great choice.

It uses contactless technology to deliver reliability and cards that are re-usable many times.

  • Starter pack contains dispenser reader, hand-held card programmer with 2500 credits, and 50 cards with single colour logo print.

  • Credits are purchased in bulk and the operator transfers to members card as needed.

  • Cards are re-usable and hard-wearing.

  • Offer members bulk discount on driving range balls.

  • Vend counter enables the operator to see daily total sales.

  • No moving parts for ultimate reliability.

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